Remuneration committee

The remuneration committee comprises Tracey Killen (Chair), Malcolm Cooper and David Lowden. All members of the committee are non-executive directors. The committee has responsibility for setting salaries and remuneration packages for the executive directors, including the executive chairman, and monitors remuneration for other senior executives.

Remuneration committee terms of reference

Nomination committee

The committee comprises Michael Findlay (Chair), Malcolm CooperTracey Killen and David Lowden. The terms of reference for the committee establish a framework through which it can review the balance and effectiveness of the board to ensure suitable candidates are identified and recommended for appointment to the board and the various board committees.

Nomination committee terms of reference

Audit committee

The audit committee comprises Malcolm Cooper (Chair), Tracey Killen and David Lowden. All committee members are independent non executive directors. Its duties include keeping under review the scope and results of the audit and its cost effectiveness and monitoring the integrity of the financial statements. In addition the committee is responsible for reviewing the Company's internal financial controls, internal audit activities and risk management systems. The committee may request the attendance of any executive director and a representative of the external auditors at its meetings. The committee meets at least three times a year.

Audit committee terms of reference

Health, safety and environment committee

The health, safety and environment committee comprises non executive director, Malcolm Cooper (Chair), Group commercial director, Andy Saul, and company secretary, Clare Sheridan. Its duties include reviewing the Group’s health and safety performance, strategy and framework and regulatory environmental obligations, being kept informed of any serious incidents and measures taken after the event and reviewing periodic health and safety and environmental reports. The committee may request the attendance of any employee at its meetings. The committee meets at least four times a year.

Health, safety and environment committee terms of reference