Greener buildings, better places, healthier people

As proud sponsor of the UK Green Building Council’s (UKGBC) World Green Building Week of events, Morgan Sindall Group contributed to the discussion around the theme of the week 'Greener buildings, better places, healthier people'. 

To commemorate the week, the UKGBC hosted an event in London on the 18th September to discuss the idea that greener buildings can lead to increased productivity and happier, healthier occupants.

World Green Building Council CEO Jane Henley spoke at the event telling delegates that “the journey starts here” for strengthening the business case for health, wellbeing and productivity benefits from green buildings.

Paul King, Chief Executive of UK-GBC, said: “Whether it’s improved productivity in offices, faster recovery rates in hospitals or better exam results in schools, sustainable buildings don’t just deliver important benefits for planet and profit. World Green Building Week aims to highlight how green buildings greatly enhance the lives of their occupants – the people who they are designed for in the first place.”

Morgan Sindall’s industry perspective is highlighted in the UKGBC’s World Green Building Week publication ‘A world of difference’, in an article by Graham Edgell, Director of Sustainability and Procurement.