Lovell utilises Wavin’s Recycore Technology

The new and innovative technology has been used to create 110mm and 160mm soil drainage pipes, whilst utilising as much recycled material as possible. By making its use compulsory, Wavin’s new products will help Lovell’s site become significantly more environmentally friendly.

Wavin is a UK supplier of water management, plumbing, heating and drainage systems for the construction and utilities industries, and has a comprehensive range of plastic, clay and terracotta systems. With a strong commitment to use sustainability to drive the business forward, Wavin reserves a considerable amount of its research and development budget for sustainable innovation.

In 2010, a focus was given to programmes that reduce the use of virgin materials, energy, and water, with Recycore Technology the result. Made with over 50% recycled content, use of Recycore Technology products not only minimises waste, materials, and carbon emissions, but is also associated with a considerably longer life-cycle.

Lovell has a continuous commitment to sustainability, and taking steps to incorporate on-site sustainable products will certainly add to its credentials.