New workforce safety boot for Lovell

Lovell has recently changed the safety footwear provided to its workforce as part of their Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), greatly minimising site safety issues.

In March 2012, it was brought to Lovell's attention that the construction site workforce were complaining about the quality of the safety footwear provided as part of their PPE. In light of this, Lovell undertook an extensive trial, and subsequently found an appropriate replacement.

The original equipment used, the Tuf Grain Leather Non-Metallic Safety Boot with Midsole from Greenhams, was stated to be too flimsy for the majority of work conducted. As a result, the workforce started to buy their own footwear, entirely removing Lovell's control. To address this issue, an all-encompassing trial using four volunteers across three sites was carried out. With four potential footwear candidates tested, it was agreed that the Groundmaster Chukka Black was the most appropriate boot for the nature of work conducted on site. The Groundmaster Chukka Black is now offered alongside the original boot as part of the available PPE.

Lovell has an on-going commitment to ensuring that health and safety is a primary concern. By listening and responding to complaints, a more appropriate boot has been provided, whilst contributing to a safer working environment for Lovell's employees.