Three schools handed over in BSF programme

Morgan Sindall has completed, and handed over, the next three schools in Hull City Council’s £400 million Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme. Developments were recently completed on Andrew Marvell College, Kingswood Academy and Oakfield Special School, with a collective total value of £64.5 million.

Hull Esteem Consortium, a group of three companies including Morgan Sindall Investments Limited, is the preferred supplier to deliver the BSF programme. The overarching aim of the project is to develop the educational, community, health and recreational facilities in the city, with a minimum of £400 million to be invested in new schools and community facilities over 25 years. Taking place over three phases, the initial construction work began in early 2010.

The BSF programme is centred on a number of sustainable ambitions, with various factors relating to all aspects of Morgan Sindall’s three pillar approach - people, planet and profit. The educational buildings are being designed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible and will be open beyond normal hours, creating more expansive learning opportunities for community members. The project has also supported the local economy by prioritising nearby companies in the supply chains.

Chris Brown, area director for Morgan Sindall for the North East, said: "We are pleased to hand over the keys to the next wave of world-class learning environments, which will no doubt put Hull on the map. Morgan Sindall understands the impact school buildings have on the education of the pupils who attend and is able to use its wealth of skills and expertise on these ambitious projects to ensure we create an ideal learning environment for the students of Hull.”