We measure how we've performed against our Total Commitments by using Group-wide KPIs and targets. This ensures consistent objectives and standards across our businesses.

Our performance  



Total Commitment KPI 2018 Performance 2018 Target Performance against target
Protecting people Accident frequency rate (AFR)¹ 0.08
Developing people Voluntary employee turnover 12.5%
(2017: 11.4%)
Below 12%

  Number of training days per employee 3.2 days
(2017: 3.3 days)
4.5 days

Improving the environment

(Increase)/reduction in total carbon emissions

(2017: 8%)

5% reduction year-on-year

Waste diverted from landfill

(2017: 89%)

Working together with our supply chain

Percentage of total spend covered by Group-wide agreements

(2017: 2,059)


Number of suppliers participating in the Supply Chain Sustainability School

(2017: 2,059)

Enhancing communities

Number of qualifying projects using LM3²

(2017: 10)
80% of qualifying projects
  Considerate Constructors Scheme average score 39.8/50
(2017: 39.8/50)
3 points above the CSS partners' average score
(39.1 in 2018)
1. The number of RIDDOR reportable accidents multiplied by 100,000 and divided by the number of hours worked. RIDDOR is the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurences Regulations 2013.

2. Local Multiplier 3 (LM3) is a tool which measures how every pounds spent by the Group with suppliers, subcontractors and employees can benefit the local community. It does this by calculating where and how the money is re-spent and what proportion remains local.


Achieved or exceeded target  Within 10% of target  10% or lower than target