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At a glance

We are a group of specialist businesses, delivering construction and regeneration across the UK for the public, commercial and regulated sectors.

We operate through six divisions.

Business model

Our valued resources

Talented people

High standards of health, safety and wellbeing

Long-term client relationships

National network of supply chain partners

Ability to build sustainably

Technology for innovation, efficiency, safety and security

Strong balance sheet and significant net cash balance

Value we create

Transforming the built environment Sectors contributing 5% of Group revenue:

Community/other public services (21%), Commercial (21%), Education (15%), Mixed-tenure housing (12%), Social housing (12%), Transport (11%)

Excellence in delivery:
88% Perfect Delivery

Environmental value:
37% carbon reduction since 2019

Helping our people succeed:
535 promoted internally

Social value:
71p per £1 spent on 112 projects

Shareholder returns:
92.0p total dividend per share 226.0p adjusted earnings per share

We invest cash from our Construction businesses into Regeneration to create long-term value for the Group and our stakeholders