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At a glance

We are a group of specialist businesses, delivering construction and regeneration across the UK for the public, commercial and regulated sectors.

We operate through six divisions.

Business model

Our valued resources

Talented people

A positive health, safety and wellbeing culture

Long-term client relationships

National network of supply chain partners

Capability and experience in delivering environmental and social value

Technology for innovation, efficiency and safety

Strong balance sheet and a significant net cash balance

Value we create

Transforming the built environment Sectors contributing 5% of Group revenue:

Community/other public services (18%), Commercial (27%), Education (14%), Mixed-tenure housing (5%), Social housing (19%), Transport (6%)

Excellence in delivery:
92% Perfect Delivery

Environmental value:
39% carbon reduction since 2019

Helping our people succeed:
674 promoted internally

Social value:
73p per £1 spent on 80 projects

Shareholder returns:
114p total dividend per share 247.7p adjusted earnings per share

We invest cash from our Construction businesses into Regeneration to create long-term value for the Group and our stakeholders