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Morgan Lovell created a stunning office design and fit out for Morgan Sindall Group plc. The Group wanted to create a unique environment that challenged the status quo, encouraged collaboration, and above all, created a destination workplace that lives and breathes their core values.

These values were embodied by an expertly engineered tree, which branches out across the office.

Symbolically, the tree represents Morgan Sindall Group's decentralised culture, as it branches throughout the office, representing the specialist companies that make up the Morgan Sindall Group. Practically, it connects staff and sets the biophilic tone of the office, while re-defining the paradigm of what a head office can look like.

Spaces were designed for pure casual and agile working; with a hot-desking bench encircling one side of the office, flanked by cafe-style seating. This provides a mix of environments for staff to work from, complete will all mod-con's you would expect at a permanent workstation.

They absolutely nailed the fit out. What felt like an intangible vision from our CEO was brought to life in a way we couldn’t have imagined at the beginning. We're still finding new details and thoughtful design choices months after moving in!"


Sally-Anne Dahl, Group Comms Manager, Morgan Sindall Group


Since being founded over 40 years ago, Morgan Sindall Group has challenged the norm in every industry they work in, so Morgan Lovell took the same approach when designing their new headquarters.

Morgan Sindall Group truly believe that happy and talented staff are the key to their success, so they wanted to create a collaborative environment that encourages staff to think differently. With this in mind, the design aims to enhance staff wellbeing, and provide an environment which is a pleasure to work in.


The floorplate was re-arranged to provide staff with permanent desks the highest access to natural light, allowing them to work next to the windows - providing not only great views across the West End, but also ensuring they don't suffer from glare. These traditional workstations are fitted with sit/stand desks, giving staff a greater choice of posture and movement throughout the day.

The new space to promote a fluid sense of movement. From the workstations and communal spaces encircling the tree, to the cafe-style seating; staff are encouraged to move to different spaces that support their current task. All of these features allow staff to feel a sense of serenity and calm in the office; acting as a retreat from the bustle of Oxford Circus below.

Informal, collaborative spaces
Height-adjustable desks

Biophilia was an intrinsic part of the project design - from the timber tree centrepiece, to the handcrafted meeting room tables; this office creates a deep connection with the natural world.

There is a living moss wall near the workstations, rustic sound-absorbing cork in the call booths, and natural timber chosen for the meeting room tables and matching hidden storage doors. This is an office design that truly respects the natural environment.

The tree and wider office were delivered using a local supply chain, with the timber for the tree and boardroom tables coming from sustainable forests. The furniture choices, joinery and fittings were all selected for their sustainability and high environmental ratings.


Waste diverted from landfill

Private spaces were key to efficiently enabling agile working in this smaller floorspace. Cosy booths were specifically designed to provide a retreat from the open plan space, somewhere staff could take a call, have a video conference or simply concentrate in private.

Natural cork walls provide added warmth, while also absorbing excess acoustics - ensuring there's no echo or reverberation when staff are on an important call. This finish perfectly complements the natural design echoed throughout the rest of the fit out, from the petrified moss wall to the wooden desks and overarching tree.

Hours spent testing joinery package

Project by the numbers

Waste diverted from landfill

Office size

Waste diverted from landfill

Office size



Morgan Lovell worked in close collaboration with the Morgan Sindall Group to ensure that the new design and fit out were fit for purpose.

A workplace study identified common activities that staff undertook on a day to day basis, and areas that experience high footfall and high occupancy. We were then able to provide settings that supported the most common tasks undertaken in the office, with booths for calls and focused work, touch-down and open meeting spaces to promote collaboration across teams, and a variety of closed meeting spaces to facilitate larger format private meetings. Ergonomic consultants provided individual recommendations for each workstation to ensure individual employee requirements were met.

Central to the new design and fit out was the desire to reflect Morgan Sindall Group's core values. 

The tree truly reflects this, as no matter where you are in the office, whether it be a private booth, the boardroom, or a standing desk, its branches reach out to you and create a collaborative connection with colleagues across the office. Humans have an intrinsic connection with the natural realm, so we wanted to capitalise on this through the office design, ensuring everyone could relate to Morgan Sindall Group’s new sustainable space.


  • SKA Gold accreditation for minimising environmental impact
  • 2019 BCO Awards finalist 

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