We are committed to being a responsible business and acting with integrity and openness.  Our governance framework follows the principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code and includes clear policies for our employees on ethical behaviour as well as compliance with regulations. 

The roles and responsibilities of the Board

The roles and responsibilities of Board members are clearly defined and set out in the document below.

Roles of the Board

Matters reserved for the Board

The Board is responsible for promoting the long-term, sustainable success of the Company.  The UK Corporate Governance Code requires a clear division of responsibilities between the leadership of the Board and the executive running of the business. The schedule below sets out the matters that are reserved for the Board's decision-making.


Matters reserved for the Board

Modern slavery

We are a large Group with an extensive supply chain. Our approach is to develop long-term partnerships with suppliers whose policies, values and culture are aligned to our own. Our 2019 modern slavery statement was approved by the Board on 11 June 2020.  


Modern Slavery 2019

Modern Slavery 2018

Modern Slavery 2017

Modern Slavery 2016

Gender pay gap

We aim to provide all our employees with opportunities to develop and balance their working life in an inclusive and empowered culture. The new ideas and innovations that a diverse workforce brings, are critical to our future.


Gender pay gap report 2019

Gender pay gap report 2018

Gender pay gap report 2017


Tax strategy

We have a low appetite for tax risk and aim to keep our tax affairs simple. 
Our Group tax strategy was adopted by the Board on 28 November 2017, and reconfirmed on 4 December 2019.


Tax strategy 2019